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: People protesting ObamaCare

WHAT: A license plate revolved (turned upside-down) to speak out against ObamaCare.


WHERE: Across America

WHY: The only ethical function of government is to protect our rights but now the government itself has become the primary violator of our rights.  All the money we make for the first several months of every year is lost to taxes, we are forced into a Ponzi scheme called Social Security, in many places political speech is a crime, we can lose our home to eminent domain and the list of transgressions by the government goes on and on.  Now the government is destroying our medical sector and forcing us into a health care system where politicians and bureaucrats will hold our life in their hands.  This where we must draw the line and push back. 

A license plate revolution is a very visible and reasonable way to speak out because:

1. The license plate is a symbol of government control over us.  Turning your license plate upside down is political speech and should be protected by the Constitution. 

2.  Governments keep people in line with fear.  If enough Americans show, through a visible symbol, that we no longer fear our government we can begin the process of regaining our lost liberties. 

3.  In every battle it is important to raise the morale of the troops.  If millions of Americans turn their license plate upside down it will provide encouragement that ultimately the freedom movement can win.

Questions and Answers

Q. What do license plates have to do with fighting oppressive government?
A. Just as much as tea had to do with it.  We must all carry a government number on our car so we can be controlled, tracked and taxed.  The government now molests us at the airport and soon we may also have to show identification papers whenever asked by police.  ObamaCare is the last straw.  License plates are just a symbol of government that we can easily speak out against with a simple screwdriver.

Q. License plates are controlled at the state level but isn't the federal government the main problem? 
A. Government at all levels is out of control.  Rotating your license plate is just a simple way to express your disgust at all levels of government.

Q.  Gosh, I'm scared.  I'm afraid to get a traffic ticket.
A.  Millions of Americans have risked their lives and many have died to keep America an island of freedom in the world.  Now freedom is being snuffed out from within.  It's YOUR TURN to take action and get outside your comfort bubble.  A simple screwdriver could turn things around.  If this is too much then all hope is lost. 


See where ObamaCare will take America visit SickAndSickerMovie.com

CONTACT Logan Darrow Clements, Producer of "Sick and Sicker" and originator of the License Plate Revolution

The last protest (TV interviews): The Lost Liberty Hotel project was a protest against eminent domain abuse that involved attempting to make a Supreme Court justice live under his own bad ruling by seizing his home using eminent domain.